Business & Industry: Why make the switch?

100% renewable energy for your business or industry

When you switch to a renewable energy supplier like Collegiate Clean Energy, all of the energy you consume will be generated from clean, renewable sources. You can demonstrate your organization’s civic leadership in the community by responsibly sourcing energy.

  • Reduce greenhouse gases
  • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels
How it works

We have two tariff options

1 Long-term fixed price

Collegiate Clean Energy can provide you with a long-term fixed-price contract for your energy. Reduce your exposure to price volatility, lock in your price today and plan ahead for the future.

2 Market-based rate

Collegiate Clean Energy can charge you a fixed management fee, and pass through the market-based rates for your energy. You can take advantage of a low power price environment with a market-based rate.

We can provide an array of solutions

For some businesses, renewable energy goals may be years from becoming reality. As a competitive service provider, Collegiate Clean Energy can help customers with an array of options, including conventional energy. Please call us today to discuss all of your options.

Ready to switch?

We make it easy! No supply disruptions, no engineering visits, and no special equipment needed. We will do all the work for you and make it as simple as possible to switch to green, clean energy.

Call us at 203-564-8568 or toll-free at 855-293-8989 or fill in our contact form