Your energy, your choice

When it comes to your energy, you have a choice in the source.

You can choose to have your local utility supply you with energy from their mix of generation assets or you can choose a competitive service provider like Collegiate Clean Energy to supply you with 100% renewable energy.

No special equipment, site visit or engineering is needed. Everything you need is already in place.

Your local utility will continue to deliver the power to you and take your meter readings, and in an emergency, you would still contact your utility. Here is how it works:

Collegiate Clean Energy

Access to more sources of power generation, including 100% renewable energy sources


Energy is created using primarily non-renewable sources


Energy is distributed across the current utility network


Energy is received by your school, business or organization

The Choices

Your Utility
Owns generating assets and infrastructure such as electric poles, wires and meters for distributing energy

Non-renewable energy

Utility passes through charges to the rate payer


Affiliates own 100% renewable energy assets or we buy renewable energy on your behalf

Renewable energy

Customers benefit from market competition in the form of lower rates and more energy sources

Fixed price or market-based rates

Nothing changes except your bill!

We put green energy into the grid

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), on average, replacing each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of tra­ditional power with renewable power avoids the emission of more than one pound of carbon dioxide.

For every unit of energy that you use, we make sure that the same amount of clean electricity goes back into the grid. That means the more of us who switch, the cleaner the grid gets. Join us in making the United States cleaner and greener.

Where does it come from?

LFG-to-energy explained.

Ready to switch?

We make it easy! No supply disruptions, no engineering visits, and no special equipment needed. We will do all the work for you and make it as simple as possible to switch to green, clean energy.

Call us at 203-564-8568 or toll-free at 855-293-8989 or fill in our contact form