Renewable Energy Solutions

By working with their strategic partners, CCE can source renewable energy products for their customers.

Landfills release gas containing methane and carbon dioxide, two well known greenhouse gases along with other pollutants. Landfills account for thirty-five percent (35%) of all manmade methane emissions in the United States. While landfill gas (LFG) poses a hazard to health and the environment, it also represents a unique opportunity to create value through the generation of renewable electricity.

LFG-to-energy projects provide environmental value by capturing methane emissions from landfills, thus preserving the environment while displacing our need for fossil fuel. Unlike some other renewable energy sources, landfill gas is available to generate electricity 24 x 7.

Collegiate Clean Energy and its partners provide all necessary infrastructures to supply renewable electricity to colleges and universities. CCE and its partners are low cost producers of renewable electricity from landfill gas. Our landfill gas projects interconnect with Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO’s) to supply renewable electricity into the electricity grid which can be taken out at different venues by colleges in a multi-state region. In addition to energy from landfill gas, CCE’s partners have access to other renewable energy sources.